F                      U                      S                      I                      O                      N

The world of Welding Technology is very small. There are mass marketeers selling A to Z of Welding and there are niche players.

The real area of excitement concerns the niche players.The non - mass marketeers. These are much smaller companies whose products are far superior in quality to the mass marketeers.


The niche companies have smaller list of clientele but at the same time a better class of customers. Companies that really know their Welding standards,companies that want cutting edge feedback on Welding Technology - they are the clientele for the niche players.

The story in India is much the same. Fusion's dream to be the BEST in India (not necessarily the biggest) has undergone  severe trials of adversity since our inception in 1983. We have grown from 2 mild steel electrodes to a range of 60 products  covering mild steel, stainless steel, low hydrogen, hardfacing, cutting, cellulosic and repair and reclamation welding.

 Fusion partners Tata Steel for exports and our electrodes have been exported to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kuwait,  Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The logistical support from Tata Steel makes it possible for us to reach out to the world.

 Fusion is and will remain a niche player. Our Mission is to work only with the best engineering concerns. We prefer quality to  quantity in our client list.

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