F                      U                      S                      I                      O                      N

The real area of excitement concerns the niche players. The non-mass marketers. These are much smaller companies whose products are far superior in quality to the mass marketers. The niche companies have smaller list of clientele but at the same time a better class of customers. Companies that really know their welding standards, companies that want cutting edge feedback on Welding Technology-they are the clientele for the niche players.

We at fusion have charted out consciously on this very path. Our Philosophy has been simple yet our commitment is rock solid. Be niche & play niche.

To stay ahead in the ever-changing environment of technology we at fusion constantly reinvent ourselves. Our commitment to research and development has taken us from 2 products in 1983 to 56 products in 2005. Our current research covers a varied spectrum.

  • Microstructure of HAZ of weld areas.
  • Various stainless steel applications.
  • Low alloy high strength steel joining.
  • Micro alloyed steels.